About Our Camp

Camp Locations

In the Dominican Republic camp is held in the school at a batey called Canada Del Agua. In Haiti the camp is held in an open  field in the small town of Pernier using a lot of tarps to shield the campers from the hot sun. There are more than 450 campers every summer. 

Where The Campers Come From

In the Dominican Republic the campers are from 17 different bateyes or sugarcane plantations. Most of the campers are the children of cane cutters who are paid by the weight of the cane they cut. During harvest  season the income barely sustains them. In Haiti the campers are from neighborhoods around Pernier. Most of their parents are  street vendors who earn less than $5 a day. 

Camp Counselors

Most of the 48 counselors are Camp Hispaniola alumni. Our mission is to  teach the youth of Haiti and the Dominican Republic responsibility with  the hope that they will have opportunities in the future to move up in  society.